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Don’t let your stump stick out like a soar thumb!

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Stumps are unsightly objects and an unwanted part of your yard or landscape. The stump may be dead or it may still be growing and sprouting. They are an eyesore and pose a safety hazard and a general risk on the property. They may become covered and hidden by tall grass, weeds, or other small plants causing someone to trip and fall and suffer an injury. Don’t let this happen. 

When trees are cut down or fall down due to storms or disease, they need to be ground or removed from the property. Especially when the tree stumps are located close to a house or other structure. Diseased trees harbor bacteria and pests and the stumps house termites and ants, which could invade the house. Greenville Tree Service Pros will grind or eliminate the residual stumps to keep this potential problem from happening.

Here are some other reasons to have your stumps removed:

  • It may be unsightly and you are just tired of looking at it.
  • You realize that you will be looking at the stump for many years if it’s not removed. (Stumps take a very long time to decay and dissipate)
  • The stump may still be growing and have many small twigs sprouting up from it.
  • You may be tired of mowing around it or hitting it with your lawnmower causing damage to your mower.
  • You may want to reclaim the valuable space in your yard.
  • The stump could be in the way of a construction or a landscape project you are planning:
    (additions, fence, pool, wall, replanting, gardens, etc.)
  • A tree may have been uprooted and left you with a large stump.
  • The stump may have large surface roots that make landscaping or mowing difficult and dangerous.
  • Or you may have recently had a tree removed and just realize the stump is too unsightly to live with!

So if you need a stump removed for any reason contact Greenville Tree Service Pros!

Stump removal as in all tree-related work is not a fly-by-night type of job.

This type of work can be dangerous and risky and should only be done by a professional. When getting any type of tree service project done on your property- tree removal, tree trimming, or stump removal, always hire a professional.

Why not get in touch with us today and see how soon we can eliminate these stumps and get your landscape looking great with our stump removal service in Greenville NC and the surrounding areas. We have years of tree removal experience and we’re licensed and insured.

No matter what size stump you have, we have the tools and equipment to handle the stump removal. We can totally remove a stump and clean up the mess and leave your property looking great again.

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